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Be Creative

Be Creative
Date: 4/19/2023

What does it mean to be creative? Creativity is using out of the box thinking to complete a task, solve a problem or come up with improvements to existing products and services or come up with a completely new product or service.

For us here at JoinAMeet (JAM), it means coming up with new ways to bring individuals together in fun and unique ways.
We want to provide a website where you can get creative.

How can you be creative?

Creativity starts with an idea.

Creativity questions the status quo.

Creativity begs you to ask WHY?

Why do I have to get up early? There is no real reason.
The same work can be done in the evening or overnight hours.

However, society has set some standards that the work day is 9am-5pm. So, we all just follow societal rules and conform. We accept that if you want to work, then you must get up early to go to work.

A creative person who enjoys working in the afternoon, evening or overnight will find a job that is a better fit for them. A job that starts at the time that works best for them. Maybe they work from home and set their own hours.

Why do I need a job? You need a job to make money. Society has been telling you that you need a job to make money, but is that true. For most people, yes, it is true. However, a creative person might start their own business or partner with an existing business.

If I have a job and work 40 hours a week, then why is my paycheck unable to pay for all the things I need. A creative person would consider that:

Maybe you need a new job.

Maybe your skills are not in high demand resulting in low wages.

Maybe you need to learn new skills.

A creative person solves problems using new solutions instead of the same old tired solutions that have failed them repeatedly.

By using your talents and skills, you can come up with new ideas and better solutions to life’s questions. Your interests and hobbies are a good way to be creative. Why? Hobbies are things you enjoy doing. Hobbies create happiness.

Here at JAM, we envision a website where you the individual are the focus. As an individual, you are complex and unique. You have interests, hobbies, talents, skills and needs. We want to help you connect and make friends with other individuals to increase creativity. We believe that quality friendships bring out the best in each other, expand your abilities and improve your life.

Get creative and start posting on our discussion boards. You might solve some really complex problems with a little fun and creativity.

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