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Be Curious

Be Curious
Date: 4/14/2023

Have you ever been curious about something?
Have you ever taken something apart to see how it works?
Have you ever asked “why”?

Curiosity is what drives innovation and improves the world around us. Without curiosity, we would all still be sitting in caves. Well some of us would like to live in a cave, but that would most likely be due to personal choice than out of lack of other shelter options available to our cave man ancestors.

The point is we no longer use caves as shelters in part due to curiosity. When individuals got together and discussed how much they disliked living in caves, they got curious whether other types of shelters were possible. Some individuals even imagined what these shelters would be made of and what they would look like.

Look around you. Everything around you is here because someone was curious if there was a different way to do something.

Then they created a group of individuals who shared their curiosity and together they worked to create it.  

Henry Ford and 12 individuals invested $28,000 to create Ford Motor Company on 16 June 1903.   Ford Motor Company sold their first automobile on July 15, 1903. You can read more about Henry Ford by going to the Ford Corporate website and reading his biography.

JAM (Join A Meet) is a place where curious people can discuss ideas and form groups to bring those ideas to life in a fun and innovative way. I watched 100 humans do an experiment about whether fun or money was a better motivator. The results were that the fun group were better innovators.

See 100 Humans Season 1 Episode 6 How to be happy. This series is on Netflix in case you are wondering how to watch it. If you do not have time to watch it, then Screen Rant has a run down of the lessons learned from the 100 Humans series.

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