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Meet-type website pro's and con's

Meet-type website pro`s and con`s
Date: 4/19/2023

Meet-type websites are platforms that connect people with shared interests to organize and attend events and gatherings. What we will offer here is something a bit unique  in the sense that your typical meet site will be gear towards groups and events only. On our site we will no doubt have these things but our will have something extra. It will allow you to also interact outside of groups and events.

Here are some pros and cons of using these types of websites and how we plan to tackle these con's:


Easy to find and join groups: 

Meet websites make it easy to search for and find groups that match your interests, making it easier to connect with like-minded people.

Access to a large community: 

Meet websites have a large community of users, which makes it easier to find people who share your interests.

Wide range of activities: 

Meet websites offer a wide range of activities, from outdoor adventures to book clubs to professional networking events, allowing you to try out new things and expand your interests.

Convenient organization: 

Meet websites offer an easy way to organize events, whether you're hosting a small dinner party or a large-scale conference.

Enhanced socialization: 

Meet websites offer opportunities for socialization and networking, which can be beneficial for those looking to expand their social circle.


Membership fees: 

Some Meet websites require a membership fee, which can be a turnoff for some users. 

On we plan to offer it free until a specific number of users has signup. After that time our membership fee will be lower that most if not all other sites of this type.

Limited location coverage: 

Depending on where you live, the number of groups and events on Meet websites may be limited.

Of course it takes time to build an active community on-line and no doubt we will suffer from this issue the most as a startup. However, our plan to offer it for free in the beginning until we have reached that critical mass will help a great deal in this regard.

Inconsistent participation: 

Not all members of a group may be active, which can make it difficult to organize events or meet new people.

This is our biggest pet peeve with websites like this. You build a group and create events and you hear crickets at best. Our website plans to offer features that both encourage engagement as well as offers ways to weed out the dead weight of a group for group owners.

Risk of meeting strangers

Meet websites require meeting with strangers, and users should exercise caution when meeting people they don't know in person.

We believe the above comment speaks for itself here. Be safe. 

Varying group quality: 

Some groups may be less active or less engaging than others, which can make it harder to find the right fit.

The right fit is a hard to overcome in any use of a website such as this. We will offer tools to insure you at least know enough information to make that determination as best you can.

In summary, Meet-type websites can be a great way to find like-minded people and engage in new activities, but they also have potential drawbacks such as membership fees, limited location coverage, inconsistent participation, risk of meeting strangers, and varying group quality. We hope our website will address most of these con's and fullfill the needs of our membership base. However, here is the deal. We are open to your suggestions in this regard. Simply tell us what you have in mind and if it make sense our staff will get to work providing something you feel we need or have overlooked. We are here to help.

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